Printing of OWLS, night birds in lights

After three days spent at Simon Graphic, the printing of our book OWLS, all the species of Europe, is finally ended!

An essential step in our project which seals ten years of a beautiful adventure.

The result is up to our expectations, thank to the professionalism od everyone.

We thank Antoine and François Simon, the leaders of the printing office, for their welcome, their interest for our work and their reactivity.

Thanks to Eric Gasser, our privileged interlocutor, who knew how to listen to us and advise to us throughout this project.

Thanks to the technicians for their patience and their advice and of course to Guillaume Bily, for his presence and his work for the realization of our book.

Next and ultimate step, the binding of the book before receiving the first copies at the end of October.

We shall send the first orders at this moment there…

In the meantime, you can continue to order the book ” OWLS “.



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