Night birds in light

The story begins when I discover near of our home a cavity in an old oak. I return to walk near this tree when one day, I see her, merged in the bark, sunbathing! Which wonderful present that to be able to observe the Tawny owl in diurnal light, her, usually so discreet and night. It is our first meeting, magic and unexpected.

Others come during our journeys, every meeting, every photo of an owl creates in us an immense enjoyment, an irresistible desire to discover more on this so well hidden and mysterious inhabitants.

These first "finds" fascinate us and pull us in a beautiful adventure where we are going to discover thirteen species in the family of Strigidae living in Europe.

We explore several countries to meet them, going through seasons and landscapes as different as, the seaside, the French mountains, the primary forests of Scandinavia and the desert plains of the heart of Spain.

It took us more then ten years of searching and observing in a close bond with nature to find a northern or a southern owl, for our work revealing Owls of Europe to be born.
Photographed in natural diurnal light, at dawn or in the twilight, the night birds reveal their different faces.
From the quite small and delicate pigmy owl to the impressive and majestic European eagle owl, every encounter is unique and rich in its differences.We learned so much by observing these charismatic winged beings.

From funny situations to dreamlike visions, we wanted to share our most beautiful and thrilling encounters. To let you have a glimpse of the fantastic world of these singular bird. To have you taste the poetry of these fleeting moments.
You will see, owls are never very far and the magic is within the reach of everyone...

OWLS - Chouettes & Hiboux d'Europe

Photographer : David Allemand

Poems and texts : Stéphanie Allemand

ISBN :978-2-7466-9646-4

  • Square format book : 28 x 28 cm
  • Pages : 264 pages
  • Paper : Arctic Volume White 170 g/m²
  • Hardboard cover
  • Photograhs : 161
  • weight : 1790 g
  • French/English

Printing house : Simon Graphic

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