David grows up in Provence and spends a part of his childhood in Verdon.

Been in love of nature and wild spaces since his youngest age, he is later passionate about the photography and dedicates himself to it completely in 2003. The photo camera becomes his best tool to capture the ambient magic.

Stephanie shares the same love for nature and images.
Of distant breakaways in closer dumpings in nature, they realize reports for the European press, in which photography of landscape and of animals get involved naturally.

David's images are awarded in numerous international competitions, whereas Stephanie dedicates herself to the writtings. It is a common passion which joins for four hands.

In 2013, they publish " Verdon, other faces ", a book gathering all these last years to cross and to rediscover the Regional Natural park of Verdon.

Autumn 2017 will see the outcome of a long-term project, with the publishing of a beautiful book of more than 260 pages. Fruit of more than ten years to be next to the thirteen species of owls of Europe, "Owls" will reveal you these nocturnal birds so fascinating, and will open the doors of their hidden and mysterious world.

David in one of the several National Parks in Finland...

Stéphanie & Tom in Sweden...